Buy and Sell Chipper Canters

We bring a range of chipper canters for sale – used & new from across Australia. Using our newsletter, we reach out to a lot of buyers and sellers of chipper canters. We also display the equipment for sale in the below section:

Cambio Debarker -2-web Cambio Debarker, 2nd Cambio available as spare parts, also many spares available

chipper canter Bruks Klockner Chipper, 2003, BK-DH 365 x 825, 850mm wide infeed

IMG_8567 ReinboldWood Grinder, Installed Nov 2009, PLC controlled with 2 Screens

IMG_1311 Vibrating Wood Chip Screen, 2.5m x 3.9m, 3 products

Disc Chipper Isles Forge-3-web Isles Forge Disc Chipper, 4 knife, 1200mm diam

Bruks Slant Chipper 1300M4 -3-web Bruks Slant Chipper 1300M-4, 4 knife

Slabbing Chipper -6-web C.M & E Bent Knife Slabber

Rosser Head Debarker -2-web Rosser Head Debarker, complete, ready to go

Nicholson Screen-1-web Nicholson Screen, 2.6m x 4.9m, complete