New and Used Sawmilling Equipment

Buy & sell used sawmilling equipment using a long established TTS machinery newsletter. Our newsletter carries the listings of used sawmill equipment available for sale across Australia from a long list of reliable clients. Get the details of the available sawmill equipment below:

used sawmill equipment Gibson Multi Saw with Auto Infeed, 3 movable saws plus gang saws, 2001

sawmilling equipment Smiths Twin Edger, 1995, 55kW motors for 6m logs

IMG_1308 Gibson Trim Docker with Unscrambler, docks 1.8, 2.4, 3.0, 3.6, 4.2, 4.8, 5.4

Kockums 4012 Chipper Canter Line including:

  • Log Centreing Conveyor
  • Kockums C4012 Chipper Canter
  • Outfeed Jump Rollcase
  • Transfer Conveyor
  • Infeed Rollcase
  • Infeed Centreing Chain
  • MEM Cobra Multi Rip Saw
  • Board Seperator & Sorting Deck
  • Twin Edger & Infeed Rollcase
  • Edger Outfeed
  • Isles Forge 60″ Chipper
  • Nicholson Chipscreen
  • Oversize Chip Return Conveyor
  • Chip Infeed Conveyor

CC Log Centreing Conveyor -2-web  CC Transfer Conveyor & Infeed Rollcase -2-web CC Cant Side Sweeper, Board Seperator & Sorting Deck -2-web

CC Infeed Centreing Chain -2-web CC Mem Cobra Multi Rip Saw Infeed -2-web CC Twin Edger & Infeed Rollcase -4-web

CC Nicholson Chip Screen -2-web CC Control Cabinet -1-web CC Disc Chipper -1-web

Soderhams Log Centreing Machine -2-web Soderhamn Log Centreing Machine

Soderhamns Board Seperator -6-web Soderhamn Board Seperator

Isles Newne Stacker-1-web Isles Newne Stacker

Blower 1200mm Fan -5-web Blower Fan, 1200mm Fan, 75kw

Hydraulic Pack Blue-2-web Hydraulic Pack 1, 30kw, 40HP

Hydraulic Pack Green-2-web Hydraulic Pack 2, 45kw, 60HP

Scraper Chain-1-web Scraper Chain, single chain with paddles, 15m approx length, 540×600 wide